I’ve kicked off my semester at the Naval Academy teaching a course in leadership and ethics. This class has a new format for me. Monday’s group lecture is led by a seasoned philosopher. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I meet with my individual class section and together we unpack the material for the week.

This week we are unpacking the concept of moral perception or “how to see well.” My intent is to help my students open their personal fields of view to see how our different backgrounds, cultures and experiences shape our perceptions.  We are never a blank slate, and we never start from the same place in life. We must learn to see well and do so expansively before we take the right course of moral action.

Ethical leadership is a moral imperative for the military due to the trust our nation places on our profession. However, I believe it is moral imperative for ALL leaders. We must build our moral compass while helping others do the same. Like a muscle, we must get in our reps to prepare for the unknowns in our future.

We’re just getting started.  When is the last time you got your reps in? Need a tune up or got ideas to share with my students, please drop me a line!

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What should we do?
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