Today my friend Mark Metzger sent me a text “all done” along with this attached video. Mark and I are friends from Test Pilot School. He arrived at TPS as the “old guy” (not really, but he had over 6000 hours of flight time compared to the normal 1000 hours most of my classmates had.) We became fast friends. I helped him with calculus. He taught me to hover.

When Mark was a kid living in the desert in California, his dad used to take him out of school to watch the experimental test pilots flying the many fascinating platforms at Edwards AFB. Think Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong. When he grew up, Mark became an experimental test pilot for the Army, and later for Boeing.

Many years have passed, and Mark has flown many risky test flights, totaling more than 12,000 hours, for the betterment of helicopter pilots everywhere. The attached video is a beautiful and fitting testament to Mark’s career. While I do not know the videographer; whoever did it could not have done better. I hope you will watch and experience the magic of a truly great aviator.

Mark, well done my friend. You have been a good and faithful servant to the calling of your life – flying helicopters.

This is what a life of flying brings.



My Friend Mark Metzger