My friend Louise knows a lot about opportunities, seeing them as well as taking them. When I asked how she started her company, she explained that she had wanted to be an airline pilot and took a job in the Australian Outback to build her flight time. She had been flying “flat out”— eight hours a day, nearly seven days a week—for another company in the Outback town of Birdsville. She saw the demand for another company, a competitor. So, she started Central Eagle Aviation with two Cessna 210 aircraft and some financing from her father. She was right. The demand was there, and customers kept coming.

Living in the Outback presented other opportunities for Louise. She became even more adept as a pilot and learned to fix her own aircraft. Louise taught me that seeing and acting on opportunity is a skill that can be honed with practice, like a muscle built through lifting weights. Our dreams can change when we are open to the opportunities before us. Her dream changed from being an airline pilot to being a pilot in her own business.

I’ve talked about Situational Awareness before. It means staying acutely aware of the dynamic environment in which we operate. Even when our flight plans change, we can still soar—and perhaps even higher! Opportunities are everywhere if we have eyes to see them. Keep your head up and on a swivel – Look for opportunities. Then go ahead and grab ‘em.  

Fly high,


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Australian Outback by Photoholgic on Unsplash