Are you pushing back? I am. Not in the sense of pushing against something, but in allowing ourselves to let go of some of the “must do’s”, “should do’s” or “can do’s” that might be robbing us of some holiday spirit with family.

This past six months I have been blogging almost weekly, connecting with so many of you in excellent conversation about leadership, mentorship, AI, opportunities, and our responsibilities in developing the leaders of tomorrow. Our conversations both in person and online have stimulated my thoughts beyond imagination. I hope yours as well.

We all need to rest and reset. For me, I am pushing back from my blogging until after the holidays. School has wrapped up, my daughter is coming home from her first semester in college, and now is time for family.

This has been a grand year for me and perhaps for you as well. My wish for you is to “push back” and open yourself to a little more holiday cheer.

May you celebrate YOUR holiday in whatever tradition you embrace.

In my tradition, I wish you love and light and a very Merry Christmas!


Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash