Life strikes once again. It happens to all of us. You get the call. Our rhythm of life gets interrupted, and we come to a full stop. My daughter went to the ER last week, then hospital for nearly a week. SEPSIS – the diagnosis

I dropped everything, got on a plane, and headed for Chicago to be with her … and for her.

But you see I didn’t drop everything onto the floor. I dropped my responsibilities into the willing hands of my colleagues, my dear Greg, neighbors, and my family.

Mauro and Paul took my classes. What’s better than a former marine and intelligence officer standing in for you?

Greg shuttled me to the airport – my rock of support. My Airbnb hostess Kerry graciously received me on the other end. My brother Dan and his wife Jenn offered to come. Initially I said, “well if she takes a turn for the worse, then come.” Dan who has known me all my life, responded “we don’t have to wait for that to come.” So, I said “yes”. They packed the car, arriving hours later to support me.

Once released from the hospital, my daughter and I stayed in the local area with my dear friend Dr. Bonnie  who was a former ER nurse and serendipitously moved to Chicago a few years ago.

Yes, the rhythm of my life took a sharp turn. But when I dropped everything and took a moment to exhale, I experienced the beauty of the relationships that surrounded me – the web of family and friends who were there to catch us.

The investments we make in our personal and professional produce countless dividends that pay us back just when we need it.

Where are you investing in your relationships? Believe me, the investments pay off.

Returning to flight,


P.S. Gratefully, my daughter is on the mend.

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