Last week I found myself a bit rushed.  In the middle of preparing exams then grading papers, I found myself trying to decide if I could get a blog post out on time. My self-imposed goaI (or maybe self-imposed promise) was a once-a-week blog post delivered each Tuesday. I was tempted to write anything just to get somethingout on time.

Then I thought, maybe I could use some help? Generative AI might be right up my alley. I could throw a good question into ChatGPT or write directly into LinkedIn’s AI portal to produce a result.

I could use AI. I could make the Blog sound like me. But it is not me – instead it is a compilation of other people’s work. My readers might never know, but I would.

The use of generative AI is an ongoing conversation today. Where can AI be used? How can AI be used appropriately? Certainly, we can use the AI to generate simple things like “healthy shopping lists” or “strength training workouts” and can use AI to consolidate data and research also.  However, when we use AI can we rightfully claim the work belongs to us? No, we can’t.

I teach leadership and ethics and one of the most important questions we discuss is this: What should we do?

I sat with that question late last Monday evening as I was pressuring myself to get my blog written. What seems to be the easy path often leads us down the slippery slope of unethical behavior. If I used AI once for my blog post, I might be tempted to use it again. However, I want my words to be my words. My thoughts to be expressed through my words.

The more I considered the question, the clearer the answer became.  Missing a deadline, even one that was self-imposed, at the expense of my integrity and my audience’s trust would not suffice. I would take a bye. I gave myself permission to not write a blog post and instead preserve my integrity.  

Where does AI fit into your work-life? Are you tempted to use it? Do you use it? And how do you use it with integrity? Let me know because keeping this conversation going is important – for everyone

Fly high,


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AI or take a bye?
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash