A mile of highway will take you a mile.

A mile of runway will take you anywhere!

— A U T H O R   U N K N O W N


Someone asked me recently how flying changed me. When you experience the sky in all its vastness you feel several things and it changes your perspective…forever. In the air you feel how small you are in comparison to the earth below. You experience how beautiful and complex our weather systems are and how harrowing it can be to fly when the weather is dishing out what you did not expect. Best of all, you experience a freedom – something like being unleashed from whatever hold us back or holds us on the ground

Flying gave me my 40,000-foot perspective – that ability to pull back or “pull up” when work or personal life gets too far into the details – and regain the bigger picture. When I find myself in that predicament, it is a signal to literally pull away and get some air – go for a walk around the block and if a plane is available, go fly.

A colleague who is a general surgeon uses a slightly different metaphor – that of a microscope. She knows when work or life gets challenging, she must “zoom in” with her lens then “zoom out” to change her perspective. She tells me she gets stuck when the focusing ability of her figurative microscope loses its ability to change.

Where do you get stuck? What new perspective do you need?

Fly high and change it up!


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Photo by Tom Morbey on Unsplash